Sunday, May 2, 2010

Synergy Health and Fitness: An Introduction

Hey Guys (and current synergy members)allow me to introduce Synergy Health and Fitness. Synergy health and fitness was born out of a need, a need to change peoples lives and change them permanently. At Synergy health and Fitness we have three things we live by: 1. Passion trumps everything! 2. Do or do not there is no try! 3. Tie it, Beat it, Smash it!!( all my Strength guys out there should know this refers to PRs) Now don't get me wrong we aren't only about lifting big and getting strong although that is really fun too, we're also about helping one build a better self image and helping and encouraging others in our 'tribe'. So if you want to learn the newest most effective ways to get strong, healthy, and fit, stay tuned.

Till next week
Strength and Focus
Charles Gardner B.S., CPT, SPN

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