Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stressors as Motivators

Hey guys I hope your weekend is going well, mine is going awesome so far, I got a great training session in today and I have a few more to go. Anyway, enough about that I have a motivational tip for you to take you through this week. As the title suggests its all about stress. Now I know most of including myself suffer from stress, stress from work, life, family commitments, and many other things. I also know that if you workout you may be missing the best way to make your workouts more productive. "What are you talking about?" you may be asking well I'm not talking about the latest energy supplement, or diet fad, what I am talking about is simply using all the frustration that you accumulate over the day and focusing it into your training. Use the anger to your advantage and watch your lifts go up and your results be that much better. Now am I saying purposely stress your self out, NO!! What I am saying is that when you have high stress day(s) train harder and faster you will feel better not only because you got rid of those negative emotions but also because you just might have had one of your best training session ever! So the next time your stressed out instead of letting it bum you out, use it as rocket fuel to blast through your next training with focused rage!

Passion Trumps Everything,
Charles Gardner B.S., CPT, SPN

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